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Avoid This Critical Compliance Gap: Labor Law Poster Changes Don’t Follow a Set Calendar

Think that workplace posting updates occur only once a year? It’s a common misconception, but one that can create a dangerous gap in your posting compliance. Labor law posting requirements change frequently and randomly, which means you may need to address updates more than annually.

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Did you know? Federal Contractors Must Display Specific, Additional Labor Law Posters

As a conscientious employer, you’re probably already aware of the federal, state and local postings you must display to maintain compliance. But did you know that certain businesses, like federal contractors, have industry-specific posting requirements that go beyond these core postings? That’s right, just when you think you have a handle on the posting “must haves,” there’s another aspect to manage. Let’s take a closer look at how these industry-specific postings may impact your business.

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Local Labor Law Posting Requirements on the Rise: How to Avoid a Gap in Compliance

Did you know that federal and state agencies aren’t the only authorities issuing labor law postings? These days, many cities and counties require businesses to post additional employee notices. Because it’s a fairly new trend, you may not even be aware if you’re affected — or to what extent, if you operate in multiple cities. But for total compliance, you need to add local-level postings to your posting compliance responsibilities.

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Remote Worker Jobs are on the Rise and Have Special Labor Law Posting Requirements

Ten to 15 years ago, the idea of workers doing their jobs remotely was practically unheard of. Not anymore. In addition to a 50 percent increase in remote jobs in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields in 2018, remote work is on the rise in finance, banking, insurance, healthcare, and real estate.

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Are You Displaying the Correct Amount of Labor Law Posters?

Whether you have two employees, 200 or 200,000, one federal requirement is perfectly clear: You must—absolutely must—display labor law posters in the workplace. Failure to comply could lead to costly fines, which could severely impact the ongoing viability of smaller businesses.

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