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Turnkey Labor Law Posting Compliance for Large Enterprises

Do you operate lots of business locations across multiple states? Managing that kind of complexity is our specialty. Get comprehensive posting compliance and unsurpassed service at scaled volume pricing.

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Experience the Poster Guard Difference

Not all poster replacement services are created equal.

With Poster Guard Compliance Protection, you benefit from our extensive experience servicing large enterprises. As the nation’s leading labor law poster provider for 30+ years, we are uniquely equipped to meet the needs of even the largest, most complex organizations.

Our commitment goes far beyond our 100% compliance guarantee. Our innovative solutions cover every possible scenario, from remote workers and temporary worksites to industry-specific and local (city/county) posting requirements. We are the only provider with an in-house legal team dedicated to protecting you from compliance risk.

Where we really shine is in our customer service. As an enterprise customer, you’ll get a dedicated Account Manager, timely notification of every poster shipment and delivery, a self-service website to track activity across all locations, and auditing tools to ensure compliance at every single business site.

Backed by an Expert Legal Team

With a combined 50+ years of employment law experience, our in-house legal team understands the risks and concerns of large businesses. Their job is to monitor regulatory activity at more than 22,000 government agencies, so you don’t have to. They’re always on hand answer your labor law posting questions or consult with your corporate attorneys to assess your requirements.

The Leading Labor Law Poster Service for Large Enterprises

Poster Guard Compliance Protection is the trusted labor law poster replacement service for many of the nation’s largest organizations. From leading hospital systems, banks and PEOs to prominent hotel, restaurant and retail chains, you’ll find our posting solutions in more than 330,000 locations across the United States and Canada. Our exceptional record of reliability, service and guaranteed compliance sets the standard for the industry.

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Burger King, Samsung, Wyndham Worldwide, Rooms To Go, Sherwin Williams, Red Roof Inn

Comprehensive Posting Solutions for Today’s Workplace

When you choose Poster Guard Compliance Protection, you get the most comprehensive posting compliance options available anywhere. Our team continually innovates new services to prevent potentially costly posting compliance gaps.

No matter the new laws or workplace trends, you can rest assured… we’re on it!


On Demand Webinars
Poster Guard Compliance Protection

All employee-facing postings for general industry mandated by federal, state, county and city regulations, including Spanish translations wherever required for all employers


Federal Contractor

Mandatory labor law postings for companies with federal government contracts


Optional bilingual (English and Spanish) posters for states where Spanish postings are recommended

no weapons

State-compliant postings to communicate your no-weapons policy

applicant Area
Applicant Area

All required labor law postings for areas where job candidates fill out applications; digital format available for online applicants


Mandatory postings for restaurants, healthcare providers, public sector employers, retail establishments, financial entities and more


Fully compliant labor law postings and automatic updates for Canadian locations, available in English or French

Braille and Large-Print
Braille and Large Print

Postings available in Braille and large print to accommodate employees with disabilities

Speciality Posters
Speciality Posters

Local contractor postings, customer-facing industry postings, and other mandatory postings that meet specific location requirements

NEW! Minimum Wage Monitor™

12 months of web-based access to an interactive map with current and planned minimum wage rates by state, county, and city

Employee Handouts

Electronic access to notices that must be distributed to employees under specific circumstances

Braille and Large-Print
I-Verify™ Service

Get confirmation that each location has received and properly displayed the most recent postings

Foreign Language
Custom Services

Have postings translated into any language, include company-specific postings in your shipments, and more — just ask!


Poster Binders
Poster Binders

Laminated posters in a compact binder for kiosks, construction sites, mobile work units and other worksites with limited wall space


Electronic posters viewable via email link for remote employees and applicants who don’t have access to workplace posters

Intranet Licensing
Intranet Licensing

Electronic posters viewable via secure link on your corporate intranet

Get a Real-Time View of Rapidly Changing State and Local Minimum Wage Rates

minimum wage monitor premium service

Keeping up with minimum wage changes can be a burden for multi-location employers as more and more cities and counties pass new minimum wage laws.

The new Minimum Wage Monitor™ Premium Service provides indispensable information on current and future minimum wage rates at the state, county, and city levels across all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

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