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Poster Guard® Compliance Protection guarantees worry-free labor law posting compliance for employers large and small. Our comprehensive solutions, unmatched legal expertise and exceptional customer service set the standard for the industry.

Our Employment Law Experts Continually Monitor Changing Posting Requirements (So You Don’t Have To)

Our team of legal experts — led by seasoned employment law attorneys and supported by paralegals, industry researchers and product specialists — works tirelessly on your behalf to monitor and interpret ever-changing labor law posting regulations.

Through the use of insider contacts, sophisticated research tools and proprietary resources, they keep abreast of regulatory activity at more than 22,000 government agencies. Their number-one goal is to identify posting changes as soon as they happen, decipher them quickly and determine exactly how they affect your business.

This group of dedicated professionals also assists Poster Guard customers by answering posting-related questions, compiling special reports on posting compliance trends and hosting informational webinars on timely employment law topics.

Backed by an Expert Legal Team

Ashley Kaplan
Ashley Kaplan, Esq.
Senior Employment
Law Attorney

Ashley is the lead attorney who manages the ComplyRight in-house legal team. She has worked for more than 20 years as a labor and employment law attorney and litigator, and has successfully defended businesses of all sizes in federal and state court. Ashley has also trained hundreds of employers on how to manage HR compliance matters to avoid legal trouble.

Lillian Chavez, Esq.
Lillian Chavez, Esq.
Managing Research

Lillian oversees a team of attorneys and labor law experts who research posting laws and develop legally compliant HR compliance solutions. With more than 10 years’ experience, Lillian has extensive practical knowledge advising HR professionals and working directly with customers on labor law posting requirements.

Shanna Wall, Esq.
Shanna Wall, Esq.
Compliance Attorney

Shanna supports legal research and content for the product development of next generation HR/compliance solutions and posting services. With more than nine years’ experience as a practicing attorney, Shanna’s background also includes B2B sales and marketing as well as firsthand experience as a small business owner.

George Hernandez
George Hernandez
Labor Law Research

George is responsible for the daily researching and monitoring of all federal, state and local labor law posting requirements affecting U.S. businesses. George has extensive posting compliance knowledge and is passionate about tracking labor law poster requirements to ensure strict adherence to the law.

Lisa D’Andrea
Lisa D’Andrea
Labor Law Research

Lisa is responsible for the daily researching and monitoring of city, county, healthcare, and restaurant labor law posting requirements and mandatory employee handouts for U.S. businesses. Lisa has several years’ experience doing detailed research for customer service and regulatory compliance matters, and is dedicated to keeping labor law posters compliant with state and local laws.

Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia
Labor Law Research

Michelle is responsible for day-to-day research and monitoring of all federal, state and local employee notification laws, with an emphasis on employee handouts. Michelle has many years of experience doing detailed research in regulatory compliance for non-profit organizations. She is passionate about tracking legislative developments and identifying legal changes that impact labor law posters and employee handout requirements.

Debra Gorham
Debra Gorham
Labor Law

With more than 11 years of experience in this field, Debra is responsible for various aspects of researching local and specialty laws such as industry-specific postings and city contractor notices. Her multiple duties include ensuring that our posters meet all applicable statutory, font, size, color and language requirements.

Ryan Connolly
Ryan Connolly
Labor Law Product
Development Specialist

Ryan supports the team by conducting ongoing poster research, analyzing compliance trends and developing innovative product solutions to help modern businesses comply with the ever-changing regulations in their industries. Ryan is responsible for maintaining legally compliant poster audit tools. He also manages posting communications to ensure Poster Guard customers are always kept up to date with accurate, reliable and timely compliance information.




Best-in-Class Strategies to Comply with Special Posting Requirements

Thursday, April 9 at 2 PM ET

Presented by:

Shanna Wall, Esq., Compliance Attorney

Labor laws get more complicated every year. What used to be a fairly simple process of hanging federal and state posters has morphed into a tangle of confusing requirements.

This free, attorney-led webinar will shed light on common posting gaps employers miss – so you’ll know exactly what it takes to be a compliance champ. Specifically, you’ll learn about additional mandatory requirements that may apply to your business, including:

  • City and county postings
  • Spanish postings (even if you have no Spanish-speaking employees)
  • Remote worker postings
  • Job applicant postings
  • Industry postings including those for federal contractors
  • Employee handouts

In just 60 minutes, you’ll discover how to be victorious in the face of ever-changing, increasingly complex posting laws.

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