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Why Mandatory Employee Handouts Are Vital for Legal Compliance in Today’s Workplaces

You're likely familiar with the mandatory labor law postings you’re required to display in your workplace, but did you know that's only part of the equation? Beyond these posters, you're legally obligated to directly distribute specific notices to employees in certain situations.

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Strengthen Your Defense Against a Department of Labor (DOL) Investigation

One employee complaint. That’s all it takes to trigger a Department of Labor (DOL) investigation. And in most cases, those investigations are due to questionable time and pay practices. There are explicit rules regarding minimum wage, overtime pay, exemption classification and recordkeeping under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) — and the DOL will step in if the rules are violated.

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Is Your Business Among the 30+ States Now Requiring Human Trafficking Posters?

Human trafficking involves the exploitation of individuals for labor or commercial sex through force, fraud or coercion, typically affecting vulnerable populations of women, children, migrants and marginalized communities

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Stay Vigilant with Mandatory Workplace Postings to Avoid Higher Fines and Legal Risks

Are you taking unnecessary risks with mandatory workplace postings? If you’re downplaying the importance of labor law posting compliance – or ignoring the requirements altogether – you could face significant financial and legal complications.

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Independent Contractor vs. Employee: Find Your Ideal Fit and Follow the Classification Rules

The decision to use an independent contractor vs. hiring an employee is no longer just a matter of convenience: it’s a strategic choice that can impact your business. Ultimately, your decision will depend on your business priorities, your cash flow and the type of relationship you intend to maintain.

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