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8 Reasons DIY Poster Compliance Will Cost You More Time and Money Than You Think

If you’re considering DIY poster compliance to meet your labor law posting requirements, you may want to take a step back. When you weigh all the factors with a self-directed method, you’ll quickly realize that “free” government-issued posters will cost you in numerous other ways. For the most comprehensive and cost-effective approach to posting compliance, you’ll need the breadth and depth of coverage available with a reputable service provider. 

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The Top 5: Which States Have Passed the Most Employment Laws Requiring Workplace Postings?

Mandatory workplace postings are fairly straightforward at the federal level. But when it comes to state- and local-level postings, it’s quite a different undertaking. Especially if you operate in five particular states, you should expect more employment laws and, in turn, posting requirements. Take a look at the legislative trends arising in these states, that may one day impact other states, as well.

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Are Labor Law Posters Required? Answers to Your Questions About Possible Exemptions

Are labor law posters required? It’s a question that comes up a lot with certain businesses, where they assume they’re exempt from the requirements. This Q &A article addresses a handful of possible scenarios, and whether or not workplace postings still apply.

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Are You Required to Give Employees Paid Time Off to Vote? Check Your State Laws Before the Upcoming Election

As election season nears, you’re bound to get requests from employees for time off to vote. Do you know your legal obligations with such requests — and have you implemented a clear time off to vote policy to guide employees? Check out this overview of state voting laws so you know what to cover in your policy and how to respond if employees ask for time off.

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Does Your Posting Compliance Strategy Include Important Industry-Specific Labor Law Posters?

If you’re a federal contractor or a healthcare facility, restaurant or public sector employer, you need to be mindful of industry-specific labor law posters. These requirements go above and beyond the standard federal, state and local postings necessary for all U.S. employers, covering laws, rules and obligations specific to those industries.

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