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Labor Law Updates

Keep Current with Ever-Changing Employment Laws with Attorney-Developed Service

Navigating today’s legal and regulatory landscape is a persistent challenge for employers. Beyond labor law posters and employee handouts, you must keep abreast of ever-evolving federal, state, county and city employment laws and determine their impact on your business...

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Asking Employees to Work More Hours? Understand What Is Legally Acceptable with Mandatory Overtime

The current worker shortage is putting the squeeze on employers and forcing them to take new measures to run their businesses. For example, many employers are dealing with stagnant hiring and skeleton crews by requesting employees to “volunteer” to work extra hours.

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The Legal Landscape Shifts as the Expansive NLRB Joint-Employer Rule Is Blocked

In a recent development, a U.S. district judge in Texas has issued a ruling that halts the implementation of the new NLRB joint-employer rule. This decision, made on March 8, 2024, is prompting employers across various industries to take a closer look at their legal responsibilities and obligations.

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Why Mandatory Employee Handouts Are Vital for Legal Compliance in Today’s Workplaces

You're likely familiar with the mandatory labor law postings you’re required to display in your workplace, but did you know that's only part of the equation? Beyond these posters, you're legally obligated to directly distribute specific notices to employees in certain situations.

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Strengthen Your Defense Against a Department of Labor (DOL) Investigation

One employee complaint. That’s all it takes to trigger a Department of Labor (DOL) investigation. And in most cases, those investigations are due to questionable time and pay practices. There are explicit rules regarding minimum wage, overtime pay, exemption classification and recordkeeping under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) — and the DOL will step in if the rules are violated.

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