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New COVID-Related Laws Lead to Spike in Employment Lawsuits: Is Your Business in the Clear?

The emergence of new COVID-related laws during the pandemic has led to a concerning spike in employment violations and lawsuits. Take a closer look at the claims that are coming to the forefront, and learn what steps to take to avoid similar legal issues with your business.

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Minimum Wage Laws Are Complex: New Minimum Wage Monitor Highlights Latest Changes to Assist Employers

If you’re a business that operates across many jurisdictions, you know how difficult it is to keep up with changing minimum wage rates. But these changes cannot be overlooked because you’re required to pay your nonexempt hourly workers at least a minimum wage (whichever is higher at the federal, state or local level). The new Minimum Wage Monitor™ Premium Service is an interactive online tool, backed by our in-house legal team, that makes it easy to view and compare minimum wage rates across the nation.

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Are You Aware of (and Complying with) the Latest State and Local Labor Laws Protecting Workers?

A steady rise in state and local labor laws demand careful attention by employers. These laws cover a range of topics — from paid sick leave and natural hair discrimination to salary history and predictable scheduling. Know whether your state, county or city is affected, so you can adequately protect your workers and maintain compliance with the rules and any related posting requirements.

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7 Tips to Protect Your Business from Damaging Wage Theft Lawsuits

Wage theft is an all-too-common complaint among employees, which can lead to costly lawsuits. Learn the key requirements under the FLSA and the proper measures for avoiding complications.

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Unsure How to Handle Maternity Leave Laws and Accommodations? Important Clarity for Businesses

Although it’s important to understand the legal rights of pregnant employees under federal law, an emergence of state and local legislation is granting even more protections. In more than half the states, employers must now provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers. Learn what that entails and how to meet the related posting and notification requirements.

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