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Labor Law Updates

Heightened Safety Concerns Underscore Need for a Clear Weapons in the Workplace Policy

You may think that prohibiting weapons in the workplace is a smart precaution, but you’ll have to check state laws first. Since federal law doesn’t directly address weapons at private workplaces, several states have taken it upon themselves to pass individual laws  regulating the issue. These specifics will impact your workplace policy and any related postings.

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Do You Know When to Replace Labor Law Posters? (HINT: It’s More Than Once a Year!)

While it’s true that minimum wage laws typically change only once a year, many other posting changes can occur from month to month. And if you miss any of them — or mistakenly think you’ll cover your bases with a first-of-the-year refresh — you could fall out of compliance. Learn what it takes to ensure complete posting coverage from Day 1 to Day 365. 

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The Top 5: Which States Have Passed the Most Employment Laws Requiring Workplace Postings?

Mandatory workplace postings are fairly straightforward at the federal level. But when it comes to state- and local-level postings, it’s quite a different undertaking. Especially if you operate in five particular states, you should expect more employment laws and, in turn, posting requirements. Take a look at the legislative trends arising in these states, that may one day impact other states, as well.

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New COVID-Related Laws Lead to Spike in Employment Lawsuits: Is Your Business in the Clear?

The emergence of new COVID-related laws during the pandemic has led to a concerning spike in employment violations and lawsuits. Take a closer look at the claims that are coming to the forefront, and learn what steps to take to avoid similar legal issues with your business.

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Minimum Wage Laws Are Complex: New Minimum Wage Monitor Highlights Latest Changes to Assist Employers

If you’re a business that operates across many jurisdictions, you know how difficult it is to keep up with changing minimum wage rates. But these changes cannot be overlooked because you’re required to pay your nonexempt hourly workers at least a minimum wage (whichever is higher at the federal, state or local level). The new Minimum Wage Monitor™ Premium Service is an interactive online tool, backed by our in-house legal team, that makes it easy to view and compare minimum wage rates across the nation.

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