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Who We Are

Poster Guard® Poster Compliance Service is the leading labor law poster replacement service in the nation. Through our comprehensive offerings, we keep hundreds of thousands of business locations in full compliance with employee posting regulations at the federal, state, county and city levels.

Our experience in providing labor law posting solutions dates back more than 30 years. Over that time, we’ve watched the complexities of posting compliance increase steadily, and have dedicated our efforts to helping our customers keep pace to protect their businesses.

The website is designed to assist employers who seek reliable and trustworthy guidance on what they need to post, for whom, and when. We aim to bring you the information you need to clearly understand your legal obligations along with practical solutions that make it easy to comply with this ever-growing burden.

For your convenience, this website offers the full breadth of Poster Guard services as well as a variety of ComplyRight labor law posters as an alternative to the year-round protection of Poster Guard. All posting solutions presented here are developed and maintained by our expert, in-house team of employment attorneys and researchers, and guaranteed to be compliant with current posting regulations.

Rest assured that the information presented on this site is fully vetted by our legal team and 100% up to date. In an industry with a history of misleading practices, we are committed to acting with integrity and presenting facts in a straightforward and honest way. We will never twist or obscure the truth to persuade you to buy something you don’t need. We believe in the value of our offerings, as do the millions of businesses we have served over the years.

We invite you to explore and experience the Poster Guard difference.