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Remote Worker Jobs are on the Rise and Have Special Labor Law Posting Requirements

Ten to 15 years ago, the idea of workers doing their jobs remotely was practically unheard of. Not anymore. In addition to a 50 percent increase in remote jobs in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields in 2018, remote work is on the rise in finance, banking, insurance, healthcare, and real estate.

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Are You Displaying the Correct Amount of Labor Law Posters?

Whether you have two employees, 200 or 200,000, one federal requirement is perfectly clear: You must—absolutely must—display labor law posters in the workplace. Failure to comply could lead to costly fines, which could severely impact the ongoing viability of smaller businesses.

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Are You Aware of Important Industry-Specific Labor Law Posters?

For most employers, grasping the depth and breadth of required posters is challenging. And just when you think you have a handle on the complexities, something changes, or new information emerges that you were unaware of, such as industry-specific postings. If your immediate response was, What industry-specific postings? you’re not alone.

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Seeking Free Posters? The Myth of One-Stop Shops for Mandatory Workplace Postings

When it comes to mandatory workplace postings, there’s no “one-stop-shop” to visit or “free lunch” to be had. To meet all federal, state and legal posting requirements, and to stay current with recent labor law changes, you need to look beyond your workers’ comp provider and the government.

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No Such Thing as “One and Done”: Frequent Posting Changes Require Year-Long Updates

Whether it’s new laws being passed … or existing laws being amended or repealed … the result is the same. Employers can expect changes, lots of changes, to labor law posting requirements. Don’t make the mistake of thinking posting compliance is a once-a-year-event. To stay current and compliant, you need to be aware of changes as they occur week to week, month to month – and act on these changes promptly.

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