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FAQs About Possible Exemptions with Labor Law Posting Requirements

Are labor law posters required? It’s a question that comes up a lot with certain businesses, where they assume they’re exempt from the requirements. This Q &A article addresses a handful of possible scenarios, and whether or not workplace postings still apply.

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Compliance Reminder: Labor Law Poster Changes Don't Follow a Set Schedule

Think that workplace posting updates occur only once a year? It’s a common misconception, but one that can create a dangerous gap in your posting compliance. Labor law posting requirements change frequently and randomly, which means you may need to address updates more than annually.

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5 Workplace Poster Oversights That Can Get Small Businesses Into Trouble

When it comes to labor law compliance, small businesses may fail to recognize the federal, state and local requirements. Posting compliance is a complex, ever-changing undertaking that requires awareness, attention and action.

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Foreign Language Posting Requirements Every Employer Should Know

When it comes to labor law posting compliance, many employers mistakenly overlook foreign language requirements. Or they assume these requirements don’t impact their business because their entire workforce speaks English (or only a few employees speak another language, such as Spanish).

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Relying on Your Workers’ Comp Provider for Labor Law Posters Carries Risks

If you rely on your workers’ comp insurance provider for labor law posters, you could be making a costly mistake. They may offer certain notices for free to their clients, but they don’t address every labor law posting requirement. This incomplete approach increases your risk of government fines and costly lawsuits.

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