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New, Higher Labor Law Posting Fines Carry a Hefty Price Tag for Non-Compliant Businesses

Are your workplace postings complete and current? If the answer is anything but “yes,” the risk of labor law posting fines is greater than ever.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently published adjusted penalties for posting violations, effective January 15, 2023.

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Are You a Joint Employer? Be Aware of Shared Posting Compliance Requirements Under Final DOL Rule

Every U.S. employer is responsible for displaying certain mandatory labor law postings. Meet that responsibility and you’re in the clear, right? Not so fast. What if you outsource HR functions or payroll to another company, or lease workers from a temp or staffing agency? Alternatively, what if your...

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From Hefty Penalties to Damaging Employee Lawsuits: Recognize and Prevent the Risks of Inadequate Workplace Poster Compliance

With all the labor law issues you must navigate as an employer, you may wonder if workplace poster compliance is that big a deal. Who’s even checking if you’re displaying these postings?

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You Just Learned Your Business Will Be Audited – Are You Confident Your Labor Law Postings Are Complete and Current?

In this time of heightened government enforcement and growing employment lawsuits, anything short of total labor law compliance is risky.

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Neglecting Workplace Posting Requirements Carries Serious (and Costly) Risks

Are you taking unnecessary risks with mandatory workplace postings? If you’re downplaying the importance of labor law posting compliance – or ignoring the requirements altogether – you could face significant financial and legal complications. Not only have the penalties for violating labor laws increased for 2020, but the threat of litigation is ever-present if you cut corners.

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