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Foreign Language Posting Requirements Every Employer Should Know

When it comes to labor law posting compliance, many employers mistakenly overlook foreign language requirements. Or they assume these requirements don’t impact their business because their entire workforce speaks English (or only a few employees speak another language, such as Spanish).

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Do You Know When Foreign Language Postings Are Necessary for Your Business?

It’s one thing to keep up with federal-level employment laws and related postings … it’s quite another when you drill down to the state, county and city level. While the federal requirements are limited to a handful of postings, mandatory postings in certain states can climb into the double digits.

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Do I Need Posters in English and Spanish? Learn the Laws Regarding Foreign Language Postings

Many employers mistakenly believe that they are not required to display foreign labor law postings simply because they only have English-speaking employees on staff. It’s a common misconception. But the truth is that nearly half of all states require businesses to display certain labor law postings in both English and Spanish regardless of workforce demographics.

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