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Navigating Labor Law Posting Requirements: Why Going Solo Poses Risks for Your Business

Complying with federal, state and local labor law postings is a fundamental responsibility for all U.S. employers. In addition to the six mandatory federal postings, you may need to display an additional 19 state-issued posters, depending on your state. Moreover, county and city regulations introduce yet another layer of complexity, often requiring additional postings. The dynamic nature of these requirements can result in more than 200 mandatory posting changes throughout the year.

Self-Monitoring is Difficult … and Precarious

Keeping up with these evolving postings is a considerable challenge. Surprisingly, most government agencies do not proactively inform employers about changes. Instead, these critical updates are buried in legal documents, requiring significant time and effort to locate and review.

This places the onus of tracking changes and maintaining compliance squarely on the employer. While not an easy task, failure to maintain current and complete postings can result in severe consequences, including increased fines. At present, federal posting fines alone can amount to more than $42,598.

With Poster Guard® Poster Compliance Service, your business receives dedicated attention and legal monitoring, ensuring 365 days of guaranteed, hassle-free labor law posting compliance.

The Legal Consequences of Non-Compliance

Beyond financial penalties, the risk of potential lawsuits looms large. Labor law postings are not mere formalities; they inform employees of their legal rights and responsibilities. Non-compliance may lead to legal action against your business. Neglecting to post required notices, such as those related to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), weakens your "good faith" defense in legal proceedings. Courts may rule that you failed to fulfill your legal obligation, which constitutes "bad faith." These legal proceedings can result in additional costs, including legal fees and possible settlements.

Even if it doesn’t escalate o legal action, failure to comply with posting requirements can erode employee trust and confidence in your business. Employees may feel that your company is not transparent or committed to ensuring their rights. This can negatively impact workplace morale and employee relations.

Protect Your Business with Complete Posting Coverage

Thankfully, you don't have to navigate this complex landscape alone! Poster Guard® Poster Compliance Service takes the burden of labor law posting compliance off your shoulders, eliminating these very real risks. We ensure your business is up to date with all required postings and guarantee 100% compliance with federal, state and local regulations throughout the year. In the rare event of non-compliance, we cover the fines, no matter their size. Choose peace of mind and full protection for your business with our comprehensive service.

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