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Monitoring Labor Law Posting Changes on Your Own Is Risky — Find Out Why

Labor law posting fines have increased again and can add up to as much as $34,000 per violation. Most businesses will agree that with labor laws continually changing, monitoring and maintaining posting compliance is a challenging task.

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Flurry of State and Local Changes Shaped 2017 Workplace Posting Compliance

Labor law issues continued to make news in 2017, as state and local governments adopted new legislation at a frenzied pace. The new laws resulted in an array of posting changes, with an emphasis on minimum wage and paid sick leave.

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How Legal Research Teams Make Labor Law Posting Easy

Does your labor law posting service have an in-house team of attorneys and legal researchers who make sure you’re notified every time a posting update affects your business?

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The Pitfalls of Poor Workplace Poster Compliance and Employee Lawsuits

Labor law posters are designed to inform workers of their rights, but if an employer doesn’t display current postings, does it really matter?

If a lawsuit is filed, it can matter a lot. Money damages can be inflated, and the statute of limitations can be extended if a court decides an employee wasn’t properly informed of his or her rights. And that’s in addition to any fines related to displaying outdated posters or none at all.

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How to Choose the Right Labor Law Posting Compliance Service for Your Business

Labor law postings can be difficult to track, which is why a labor law poster service makes perfect sense. But how do you know which posting service is the best for your business? What are the distinguishing features that separate the good from the great.

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