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Are You Aware of Important Industry-Specific Labor Law Posters?

"You can learn everything you need to know about labor law posting requirements in a few minutes,” said no small business owner ever.

For most employers, grasping the depth and breadth of required posters is challenging. And just when you think you have a handle on the complexities, something changes, or new information emerges that you were unaware of, such as industry-specific postings. If your immediate response was, What industry-specific postings? you’re not alone.

Your Business May Require Additional Postings

It’s true, certain businesses have industry-specific posting requirements. For example, public-sector employers, federal contractors, healthcare employers, and restaurants require posters above and beyond federal, state and local postings. Let’s take a closer look:

Federal contractors. If your company receives federal funding, or you have any contracts with the government for goods or services, you must display additional posters. Your specific obligations will depend on the type of contracts and the government agencies you contract with. In some cases, the dollar amount of the contract also may dictate posting requirements. Those who don’t post applicable federal contractor posting requirements run the risk of steep fines and the loss of government contracts or funding.

Federal Contractor Required Postings

  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Minimum Wage
  • “EEO Is the Law” Supplement
  • Pay Transparency Statement
  • DOD Fraud Hotline
  • DOD Whistleblower
  • NLRA (Required by EO 13496)
  • E-Verify/Right to Work
  • Walsh-Healey Public/Service Contracts
  • ARRA Whistleblower Rights
  • DHS Fraud Hotline
  • Notice to Workers with Disabilities
  • Davis-Bacon Act
  • DOT Federal Highway Construction

Healthcare employers. If your business is a doctor’s office, hospital, clinic or urgent care center, you may need up to 15 additional notices, depending on your state and the business you operate. Most healthcare industry-specific posters focus on bio-hazardous materials, radiation and private health information (HIPAA), including:

  • Radiation Notices
  • Employee Notices Regarding Patient Rights
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Health Effects from Contaminated Water in Eyewash Stations
  • Safe Patient Handling Programs

Restaurants. Restaurants and food-service establishments must display specific employee notices. Depending on your state, this may include postings regarding hand washing, no smoking, choking, CPR, tips and wages, and service of alcohol to minors.

Additional postings may be required, too, if you’re in the agriculture or transportation industries, if you are part of a union, or if you hire migrant workers, workers without U.S. citizenship or workers with disabilities. Be thorough and ask questions if you’re not sure what your restaurant or food-service business is required to post.

Public sector employers. It’s one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the United States, comprised of organizations small and large, that are owned and operated by the government. This includes federal, state and local agencies that provide public services, such as the military, public transit, primary education and healthcare for the poor. In addition to federal, state and local requirements, public-sector employers must display special notices and a unique federal poster that includes FLSA and OSHA postings. Each state also has its own public sector posting requirements, such as:

  • E-Verify poster
  • Right to Know poster
  • Whistleblower rights poster
  • Notices about electronic monitoring, privacy, and smoking

Compliance Is Easier Than You Think

Labor law posting requirements are getting more and more complex. With constantly changing federal, state, local and industry-specific laws, you need a resource that provides peace of mind around the clock.

With a service like Poster Guard® Compliance Protection you can leave the heavy lifting to the experts. Our in-house legal team continually monitors all federal and state agencies, as well as more than 22,000 cities and counties to provide you with unmatched labor law poster service. You’ll receive 365 days of hassle-free labor law posting compliance – 100% guaranteed.


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