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Independent Contractor vs. Employee: Find Your Ideal Fit and Follow the Classification Rules

The decision to use an independent contractor vs. hiring an employee is no longer just a matter of convenience: it’s a strategic choice that can impact your business. Ultimately, your decision will depend on your business priorities, your cash flow and the type of relationship you intend to maintain.

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Your Business Is Not Fully Compliant If You’re Overlooking Industry-Specific Labor Law Posters

For most employers, grasping the depth and breadth of workplace postings is challenging. Just when you think you have a handle on the complexities, a law or regulation changes — or a new requirement emerges, such as industry-specific labor law posters. 

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Is Your Business Keeping Pace with Changing Federal Contractor Poster Requirements?

As a conscientious employer, you’re already aware of the federal, state and local labor law postings you must display to maintain compliance. But if your company does business with the federal government, did you know you’re responsible for federal contractor poster requirements that go beyond these core postings?

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Attention, Employers: DHS Relaxes E-Verify Requirements Due to COVID-19

In light of the national emergency with COVID-19, the DHS has eased some of the requirements with I-9 employee eligibility verification. If you’re an employer who is operating remotely, you’ll want to understand how this impacts your review of identity and employment authorizations documents, as well as the E-Verify process.

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Alert! Two New Posting Compliance Requirements for Federal Contractors

Does your business have federal government contracts? If so — and regardless of your industry — you must post additional labor law notices. In fact, as the number of businesses with government funding/contracts continues to grow, so does the need for specific postings. In recent years, government contracts have become more prevalent in industries such as construction, finance/banking, telecommunications, technology, transportation, and the non-profit sector, so all affected businesses need to understand their posting obligations.

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