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Compliance Reminder: Labor Law Poster Changes Don't Follow a Set Schedule

Think that workplace posting updates occur only once a year? It’s a common misconception, but one that can create a dangerous gap in your posting compliance. Labor law posting requirements change frequently and randomly, which means you may need to address updates more than annually.

How Often Do Labor Law Posting Requirements Change?

The perception that once-a-year posting “maintenance” is sufficient is simply not true. In addition to critical federal-level posting changes this year, the pace of change has been brisk state-wide and locally. On average, there are more than 200 mandatory state/city/county posting changes a year requiring an immediate poster update or replacement.

In addition to recognizing the frequency of changes, it’s important to understand that posting compliance doesn’t follow a set calendar. Federal, state, city and county agencies can pass, amend or repeal posting-related regulations at any time throughout the year, often without notifying businesses. There’s no such thing as a fixed schedule with posting updates.

Stay alert: Labor law posters can change any time throughout the year. So far in 2023, there have been two federal labor law changes, and 75+ state changes.

For example, some states pass minimum wage laws in July and September. Florida’s minimum wage, for instance, went into effect on September 30, 2023, with a new poster pending. Other posting changes can occur in random months:

  • Various state’s weekly benefits rates – July and December
  • Paid family and medical leave posters for MA and WA (regarding weekly cap of benefits or contribution rates) – November and December
  • Unemployment insurance posters – July and December
  • OSHA (specifically, increased penalty amounts) – end of year

Poster Guard® Poster Compliance Service Provides Year-Long Compliance

With a resource like Poster Guard® Poster Compliance Service , you can be certain you’re up to date with all required federal, state and local labor law postings. You’ll receive automatic replacement posters, no matter how many times (or when) changes occur in a year. Backed by an expert legal team, you’re assured of 365 days of hassle-free labor law posting compliance – 100% guaranteed.

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