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"EEO Is the Law" Supplement & Pay Transparency Policy Poster


Fulfill Specific Posting Requirement with EEO Supplement & Pay Transparency Policy for Federal Contractors

Federal contractors must inform applicants and employees of federal nondiscrimination laws and procedures for filing complaints with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. Displaying the “EEO Is the Law” Supplement & Pay Transparency Policy Poster by ComplyRight, along with the current “EEO Is the Law” poster, meets the posting requirements for affected contractors.

Available in English and Spanish.

English - E2242 • Spanish - E2242S. See Product Options tab for guidance on language selection.


Affordable Care Act Poster


Inform Employees of Their Healthcare Options with the Affordable Care Act Poster

In addition to providing mandatory notifications, employers should communicate essential information about the Affordable Care Act to employees through the Affordable Care Act Poster. The supplemental poster utilizes Department of Labor language to explain the Health Insurance Marketplace (also called the “Exchange”); eligibility for lower-cost private insurance in the Exchange (depending on employee income and employer offer of coverage); and the possibility of losing the employer contribution (if any) when insurance is purchased through the Exchange.

Includes a downloadable link to mandatory Health Insurance Marketplace Notice form, a fill & save PDF that can be saved to a computer and printed.


Agricultural Minimum Wage Poster


Display Agricultural Minimum Wage Poster to Meet FLSA Requirements

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers to pay covered, nonexempt employees a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Specifically, employers who use more than 500 days of farm labor in any calendar quarter must display the Agricultural Minimum Wage Poster in a conspicuous location to communicate these agricultural employee rights.

Available in English & Spanish.

English - E2201 • Spanish - E2201S

See Product Options tab below for guidance on language selection.


All-In-One OSHA Safety Poster


Prevent Accidents and Comply with OSHA Standards with the ComplyRight All-In-One OSHA Safety Poster

Promote on-the-job safety and help prevent work-related injuries, illnesses and death with the All-In-One OSHA Safety Poster. It includes critical safety data sheet information under the revised OSHA HazCom standards and combines top safety posters in one easy-to-post display. Includes First Aid and CPR procedures, Safe Lifting Techniques, Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Tips, Information on Understanding a Safety Data Sheet, GHS Labeling Information and more.


Availability of Funds Poster


Meet Posting Requirements with the Availability of Funds Poster

Regulation CC requires banks to display this poster informing customers who have a transaction account when their funds will be available for withdrawal. The poster must be displayed in a conspicuous place in each location where employees receive deposits to consumer accounts.


Avoid Slips Trips & Falls Poster


Prevent Common Workplace Injuries

This essential workplace safety poster uses clear explanations and visuals to draw attention to safety practices that can keep your employees healthy and your workers' compensation rates down. Slips, trips, and falls result in more than 200,000 disabling workplace injuries each year.

To prevent accidents and on-the-job injuries, post in break rooms and other high-traffic areas where the poster can serve as a constant safety reminder. Poster raises employee Awareness of common causes of slips, trips and falls, and how to prevent and avoid them.