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No Smoking/E-Smoking Generic


Use the No E-Smoking/Smoking Poster to reinforce your companywide no-smoking policy. Electronic cigarettes and other electronic smoking or vaping devices (e-cigarettes) are continuing to increase in popularity. For many smokers, e-cigarettes have become an important alternative to smoking tobacco.

By clearly communicating to employees and visitors that your company prohibits all smoking, including e-cigarettes in the workplace, you’ll maintain compliance with federal and state laws.

Due to supply chain disruptions you may experience a delay in the shipping of your order. For questions regarding shipping times please call 800-999-9111.


Political Harassment and Time Off for Voting Poster (10 x 14)


Inform staff about policies regarding politics at work with the attorney-approved Politics at Work Poster. It addresses a zero tolerance policy for political harassment on one side and requesting time off to vote on the other.

This poster is laminated and 10" x 14" in size.


State-Specific HR Policies Library


This collection of essential state-specific company policies allows users to access and share documents electronically, and employers can customize them by typing directly into the designated fields.

There is a library of 50 or more policies available for each of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Select all policies that apply to your workforce, from there, each can be routed electronically, printed or cut and pasted into an existing handbook. See more details...

Policies will be available 1-12 hours after your order is placed, M - F.
See Product Specifications tab for details.
This product is for an annual subscription, and will automatically renew after 1 year.


GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster


Display the GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster to protect employees from workplace danger and your company from safety violations. This OSHA-compliant safety training poster explains the symbols and language of the required GHS labeling system.

Posting this crucial information alerts your employees to chemical hazards in the workplace. In a bold, quick-reference format, the poster also highlights all the OSHA pictograms that must be included on labels.