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HUD Equal Housing Opportunity Poster


Display a Federal Fair Housing Poster if You’re a Real Estate Business

The HUD Equal Housing Opportunity Poster by ComplyRight contains legal definitions of discrimination in real estate and contact information for the government agency, as required by the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968. Any business, broker, agent or person in the real estate business should display a fair housing poster.

Available in English and Spanish.

English - E8112 • Spanish - E8113

See Product Options tab below for guidance on language selection.


Human Trafficking Posters


Uphold Applicable Posting Requirements with Human Trafficking Posters

In certain industries and states, employers must display human trafficking posters. For example, bars, hotels, bus stations, airports and other establishments in select states must display mandatory posters (in certain languages, additionally). Human Trafficking Posters by ComplyRight eliminate any confusion regarding which posters to display.

Check for your state requirements in the drop-down menu below. (Note: Many employers choose to display a human trafficking poster even if it’s not mandatory. In this case, select the “national” option.)

For guidance on language selection with state and national posters, see the Product Options tab below.


Illinois Day and Temporary Labor Service Act Poster


Satisfy the IDOL Poster Requirement for Illinois Day Labor Agencies

Under Illinois state law, day labor agencies that place workers on a daily or temporary basis in manufacturing, construction and other non-clerical positions must register with the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) and display a specific poster. The Illinois Department of Labor Poster, which must be posted in English and any other language generally understood in the location of the agency, upholds this state-specific requirement.


Illinois Employee Classification Act Poster


Meet Mandatory Illinois Posting Requirements with the Employee Classification Act Poster

All construction contractors using independent contractors must display the Illinois Employee Classification Act Poster in a conspicuous location as required by state law.

The Illinois Employee Classification Act Poster is required for all construction contractors working with independent contractors. The notice must be displayed in English, Spanish and Polish. And it must be posted in a conspicuous place on each job site where independent contractors perform services – as well as in each of the construction contractor's offices.


Kansas Fair Housing Poster


Meet State Posting Requirements with the Kansas Fair Housing Poster

The Kansas Fair Housing Poster must be displayed in all businesses involved with the sale or rental of housing. This includes real estate agencies, property managers’ offices – as well as businesses offering financing, selling and leasing services. This consumer-facing poster advises prospective renters and buyers of Kansas law prohibiting discrimination in connection with housing.


Kentucky Fair Housing Poster


Display the Kentucky Fair Housing Poster to Communicate Important Legal Information

The Kentucky Fair Housing Poster is required to be displayed in public areas where real estate or real estate-related transactions are performed. The notice informs consumers that the Kentucky Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of color, disability, familial status, national origin, race, religion and gender in the sale, rental and financing of housing.