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Don’t Get Caught in the Labor Law Compliance Gap
June 2021

Will we see legislation for a $15 federal minimum wage in 2021? It’s unclear. But an increase is looking more probable under the current administration. Supporters of the Raise the Wage Act are pressing to boost the . . . learn more

Don’t Get Caught in the Labor Law Compliance Gap
APRIL 2021

Did you know federal and state regulations require employers to distribute various notices directly to employees? These notices cover specific topics and are triggered by a handful of employee-related events, from hiring to injury to termination . . . learn more

Special Posting Requirements for Businesses with Remote Workers

The global pandemic has forced many employers to modify their operations, implement new practices and manage employees differently. At the same time, numerous federal, state and local laws have been passed . . . learn more

Special Posting Requirements for Businesses with Remote Workers

While the federal minimum wage has remained $7.25 for more than a decade, it’s a very different story at state and local levels. As of mid-2020, nearly 30 states and 70 +counties and cities have  . . . learn more

Special Posting Requirements for Businesses with Remote Workers
JULY 2020

Labor law posting requirements are constantly changing, with over 100 changes in the past six months. But as legislators across the country respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new wave of federal, state and local laws . . . learn more

Special Posting Requirements for Businesses with Remote Workers
JUNE 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic demanding social distancing and strict safety protocols, many employers are allowing employees to work remotely. If your organization is one of them, how are you staying in compliance with employee posting regulations . . . learn more

How to Keep Up With Mandatory Employee Notifications (Beyond Posters!) During the COVID-19 Crisis
May 2020

Most federal, state and local employment laws require employers to communicate certain information to employees. Often, these required communications come in the form of notices that must be personally  . . . learn more

Special Posting Requirements for Today’s Workforce
APRIL 2020

Labor laws get more complicated every year. What used to be a fairly simple process of hanging federal and state posters has morphed into a tangle of confusing requirements. We are seeing a record number of new requirements, even during the coronavirus . . . learn more

How to Meet Job Applicant Labor Law Posting Requirements

More and more, applicants are applying for jobs through online job boards and company websites, and employers are required by law to make available to them the same labor law posters they are required to display for in-person job applicants . . . learn more

Trending! State, County & City Minimum Wage Increases Continue

Because the federal government hasn’t raised the minimum wage rate since July 2009, more than half the states and dozens of cities have bumped up their minimum wages . . . learn more

Answers to Your Top Labor Law Posting Compliance Questions
APRIL 2019

It's been a busy year in labor law compliance, and we have received numerous questions from business about their requirements. In this webinar, our posting expert and Sr. Employment Law Attorney will answer the most common questions . . . learn more

Answers to Your Top Labor Law Posting Compliance Questions
MARCH 2019

Nearly half of all states now require businesses to display labor law postings in both English and Spanish, regardless of whether they have Spanish speaking employees. Did you know that cities and counties are starting to require certain postings to be displayed in languages other than English? And, Federal law also has foreign language posting requirements for certain businesses . . . learn more

10 Common Posting Compliance Mistakes

This webinar highlights the 10 most common posting compliance mistakes businesses make. You will gain a better understanding of why posting compliance matters; learning about the penalties, liabilities, and risks associated with non-compliance. It's not just government posting fines that you need to be aware of, it is employee lawsuits that are the real danger . . . learn more

10 Common Posting Compliance Mistakes

Posting compliance gets more complicated every year, and this webinar will reveal the 8 most important and surprising facts to help keep you on track and in compliance. Beyond the basics for every U.S. employer, you will learn more about the new and/or specific posting requirements that may apply to your business. . . learn more

To Post or Not to Post - Regulations on Guns & Weapons in the Workplace
MAY 2018

A trend getting a lot more attention based on recent events in the regulation of guns and weapons in the workplace, and the corresponding postings or signage businesses need to display to communicate their policies . . . learn more

One Year Later: The State of Labor Law Posting Compliance Under the Trump Administration
APRIL 2018

One year into the current administration and we’ve already seen a sharp drop of federal laws and regulations. And, when federal activity slows, states and cities step in to fill the gaps. Today it’s happening at a record pace. These changes often lead to more labor law posters — and more complexity — for employers . . . learn more

Posting Compliance and Lawsuits — Why You Should Care

In this informative webinar you will learn about the growing trend in employee lawsuits, statute of limitations and How compliant posters are your first step toward protecting your business from costly lawsuits and fines . . . learn more

2017 Roundup of Labor Law Poster Changes: What the Latest Trends Mean for Your Business

2017 has marked the start of federal deregulation efforts under a new administration. But history shows that when federal regulation slows, state and local regulatory activity increases. Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of employment law. This insightful webinar will summarize the mandatory posting changes for 2017 and what they mean for your business . . . learn more

FMLA – Common Scenarios and Posting Obligations

The Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is confusing and complicated. Most employers are out of compliance simply because they don’t fully understand all the components of this federally mandated program . . . learn more

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