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February 2022

Labor law posting compliance gets more challenging every year. What used to be a fairly simple process of hanging notices in the breakroom has morphed into a ... learn more

January 2022

More and more, applicants are applying for jobs through online job boards and company websites, and employers are required by law to make available to them the same ... learn more

June 2021

Will we see legislation for a $15 federal minimum wage in 2021? It’s unclear. But an increase is looking more probable under the current administration. Supporters of the ... learn more

April 2021

There is a new development impacting the legal load placed on employers. Laws are being passed requiring handouts based on specific employee-related events. The guidelines vary ... learn more

June 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic demanding social distancing and strict safety protocols, many employers are allowing employees to work remotely. If your organization is ... learn more

March 2019

Nearly half of all states now require businesses to display labor law postings in both English and Spanish, regardless of whether they have Spanish speaking employees. Did you know ... learn more

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