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Guide to Federal Contractor Posting Requirements

Most businesses are unaware of their federal contractor status, much less how to meet their posting requirements. Yet businesses that contract with the federal government come from almost every industry, prompting as many as 13 separate employee notices beyond the usual federal postings . . . read more

Neglecting Workplace Posting Requirements

Some employers are guilty of taking a too-casual approach to posting compliance, thinking there are no consequences. You may be surprised! Gaps in your posting coverage could open the door to government fines or legal complications . . . read more

Comprehensive Posting Compliance Checklist

To prevent costly government fines and lengthy employee lawsuits, every U.S. employer needs to be certain their labor law postings are complete and current. Anything less than 100% compliance with the latest legal requirements could leave you vulnerable . . . read more

S Is Your Company a Federal Contractor?

If you’re a federal contractor that receives federal funding or has contracts with the government for goods or services, you’re responsible for additional labor law postings. With today’s heightened enforcement, this is a vital area of compliance you can’t afford to ignore . . . read more

Our Members-Only Web Portal Gives You Full Control Over All Your Locations

Upon enrollment in Poster Guard® Compliance Protection, you and your administrators gain complete visibility to posting events and account activities through Familiarize yourself with the key features of this secure, self-service website, so you can enjoy convenient, centralized control of all your protected locations . . . read more

 Labor Law Posting Compliance: 10 Dangerous Gaps Tha Could Put Your Business at Risk
APRIL 2019

It’s difficult to keep up with posting requirements in the ever-changing labor law environment. Take the opportunity to learn more about often overlooked gaps that can impact your business, such as county and city postings, Spanish postings, remote workers and much more . . . read more

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