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Minimum Wage Rates Are on the Move: The Status of a New Federal Minimum Wage in 2021, PLUS State and Local Increases

The potential for a new federal minimum wage in 2021 is looking more likely under the current Biden administration.

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Minimum Wage, Prevailing Wage and Living Wage: How They Differ and Why It Matters

Minimum wage, prevailing wage, living wage … Do you know the difference between these terms, what they cover and how they impact your particular business? Clear up any confusion with this quick overview of the main differences between each wage type.

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Minimum Wage Laws Are Complex: New Minimum Wage Monitor Highlights Latest Changes to Assist Employers

If you’re a business that operates across many jurisdictions, you know how difficult it is to keep up with changing minimum wage rates. But these changes cannot be overlooked because you’re required to pay your nonexempt hourly workers at least a minimum wage (whichever is higher at the federal, state or local level). The new Minimum Wage Monitor™ Premium Service is an interactive online tool, backed by our in-house legal team, that makes it easy to view and compare minimum wage rates across the nation.

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Nearly Half of U.S. States Will Increase Minimum Wages

The legal environment for employers is always changing, particularly with state labor law requirements. For example, in the absence of any movement at the federal level for more than 10 years, state legislatures continue to issue higher minimum wages.

As we approach 2020, a handful of states will need to comply with these updated rates, as well as the workplace postings employees of their rights.

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State Minimum Wage Changes Continue to Make Maximum Impact for Employers

The federal-level minimum wage hasn’t budged since 2009, remaining at $7.25/hr. a full decade later. On the state level, however, it’s quite a different story. During this time, numerous states and cities have stepped in and passed their own, higher minimum wages. In the past year alone, minimum wage increases took effect in approximately 75 states, cities and counties across the nation. These increases make up the biggest portion of mandatory postings employers must monitor and manage.

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