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How to Meet Job Applicant Labor Law Posting Requirements

More and more, applicants are applying for jobs through online job boards and company websites, and employers are required by law to make available to them the same labor law posters they are required to display for in-person job applicants.

Many employers are not aware of the scope of their labor law posting obligations to job applicants, and this webinar will help explain the details behind these requirements.

Join us for this free webinar to learn:

  • Your posting obligations when it comes to job applicants
  • Which labor law posters are required for applicant viewing
  • New laws at the state and local level requiring applicant-facing postings
  • Compliance requirements for online applicants vs. physical applicant areas
  • Recommended solutions for compliance.

About the Speaker

Ashley Kaplan, Esq., Senior Employment Law Attorney

Ashley Kaplan, Esq. has practiced labor and employment law for more than 20 years representing employers in a variety of matters -- from discrimination and harassment litigation to defending FLSA class action lawsuits. In her current role as in-house Senior Employment Law Attorney for ComplyRight, Inc., Ashley handles our legal compliance and also oversees the teams responsible for researching and developing Poster Guard® services and HR compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Ashley is a frequent presenter on employment law topics, and she has trained thousands of employers, HR professionals and supervisors on compliance matters, HR best practices and trends, and lawsuit avoidance.

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