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Don’t Get Caught in the Labor Law Compliance Gap… Posters Are Not the Only Employee Notifications Required

There is a new development impacting the legal load placed on employers. Laws are being passed requiring handouts based on specific employee-related events. The guidelines vary by state and municipality.

These notices apply to all employees, including remote workers. To make matters more confusing, there are as many as 14 required handouts on a federal level, up to 20 additional handouts by state and several more depending on your city/county. And like labor law posters, these notices change frequently.

Watch this free, fast-paced webinar where we’ll break down the complexities surrounding mandatory employee notifications.

Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Examples of mandatory handouts
  • Types of events that require notices
  • When electronic transmission is allowed
  • The true risks of noncompliance
  • An easy, affordable solution to protect your business

About the Speaker

Jaime Lizotte, HR & Tax Solutions Manager

Jaime Lizotte is the HR & Tax Solutions Manager at ComplyRight, Inc. Passionate about HR, Jaime applies her previous hands-on HR experience to develop innovative products for ComplyRight. Over the past six years, she has managed and developed solutions ranging from training and safety products to HR and tax software. She currently focuses on making HR management easier for employers with next-generation online services.

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