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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Special Labor Law Posting Requirements for Remote Workers

When it comes to labor law posting compliance, it’s easy to focus on your brick-and-mortar location and how you communicate to the workforce within it. But did you know you have posting obligations for remote workers, too? Even though these employees may not work at a central location, they’re entitled to the same employee rights information as everyone else.

But that doesn’t mean you have to send full-sized posters to your at-home employees to hang up in their kitchen or home office. Rather, you can choose from a few customized options to keep your remote workers in the loop and your business in compliance.

The right approach with remote workers

First things first – who is considered a remote worker? The definition may include more than you realize. Your remote workers are any off-site employees, whether they work from home, out in the field, on the road or even at off-site locations like construction checkpoints, mall kiosks or mobile service units.

Next, let’s explore your options for reaching these off-site workers. Although the law requires you to provide mandatory federal and state notices to all employees, it doesn’t specify exactly how to do it for home-based employees. Again, you’re not going to send full-sized, laminated posters, but does this mean you can issue notices via paper or electronically?

For the most part, yes. In some recent opinion letters and court cases where employers have sent notices electronically, the courts have deemed it a good alternative that makes sense. You got the notices to workers and that’s what counts.

That’s why it’s smart to choose a full-service posting compliance service like Poster Guard ® Compliance Protection. We offer E-Service for Remote workers, which is a fully compliant solution for workers with Internet access and email on their computers or mobile devices.

With this service, you provide the email addresses of your remote workers. We then send a welcome email to the off-site employee with simple instructions to download and view the posters, as well as acknowledge the date and time the posters were viewed. We host all of the images on our secured network, and we make sure that whenever your employees click on that link to view the poster images, the images are correct and up-to-date. With every mandatory change, we automatically send another email with the same download/viewing/acknowledgment instructions.

Considerations with non-traditional worksites

Perhaps you’re also dealing with remote worksites, where your employees report to a work station or checkpoint, but it’s a non-traditional worksite that doesn’t have adequate wall space for all the required posters. This is a growing trend in recent years. For example:

  • Mall kiosks that don’t necessarily have Internet access or mobile devices for employees, nor do they have adequate wall space
  • Construction checkpoints, valet stations and mobile service units (such as MRI units, kidney dialysis units or blood donation trailers)
  • Janitorial services where employees perform services on another company’s property but go to a location to get their supplies -- perhaps a closet or storage area

In every one of these situations, you’re still required to uphold the posting requirements. We can help you here, too.

To meet your unique posting needs, we’ve developed a binder solution that includes all of the mandatory federal and state posters, as well as any additional postings that apply to your business.

All of the postings are printed in a laminated format for durability, and they fit into a compact binder that is 11” x 17” – a size that complies with all the size and font requirements under federal and state law. Like with the regular Poster Guard service, new locations receive a complete binder to get started, as well as updated pages any time a mandatory change occurs. The 3-ring binder format makes it easy to remove the old and insert the new.

Get the reinforcement you need

No doubt, dealing with mandatory posting laws for remote workers can be tricky. But thanks to the legal experts at Poster Guard, you can choose from a few different options that are both practical and fully compliant.


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