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Remote Worker Jobs are on the Rise and Have Special Labor Law Posting Requirements

As Remote Work Becomes a Reality So Does a New Approach to Mandatory Labor Law Postings

Ten to 15 years ago, the idea of workers doing their jobs remotely was practically unheard of. Not anymore. In addition to a 50 percent increase in remote jobs in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields in 2018, remote work is on the rise in finance, banking, insurance, healthcare, and real estate.

Today, more than 4 million employees work from home for at least half the time, according to Global Workplace Analytics. This research site also found that telecommuting grew 140% in the past decade — a rate 10 times faster than the rest of the workforce.

Typically speaking, a remote job is any professional position that permits a person to work from home, either part or full-time. These types of jobs may also be referred to as telecommuting, virtual, at-home, digital or flex work.

Whatever the terminology, one fact remains: Remote workers who are employees of your company (vs. independent contractors) demand a different approach to mandatory workplace postings. You must make a good-faith effort to inform all employees of their employment rights, including home-based workers. But if they’re not on-site to see these displayed labor law postings, how can you share this information?

Introducing Poster Guard® Compliance Protection for Remote Workers

Poster Guard® Compliance Protection offers a solution to a growing trend. Our electronic service for remote workers allows you to give employees who work remotely easy access to electronic versions of federal, state and local posters. They can download and view required postings, in addition to receiving email notifications for every mandatory posting update. It’s a convenient, fully compliant alternative for informing employees and satisfying your posting obligations.

Like with our traditional subscription service, this solution provides one full year of free federal, state and local posters, plus automatic posting replacements every time a mandatory change occurs. You also enjoy 12 months of legal monitoring and research by an expert team of attorneys, along with a 100% Compliance Guarantee against government posting fines.

Be certain you’re communicating essential employment rights to all your remote workers. Check out our dedicated service here.

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