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Introducing New Mandatory Employee Handout Service for Always Up-to-Date Employee Notifications

Did you know you’re responsible for distributing certain handouts to employees? As if labor law posting compliance wasn’t complex enough, you’re also required by federal, state and local laws to provide written notices under specific circumstances.

Yes, it’s one more compliance requirement to manage. But no, you don’t have to do it on your own. We offer a new Mandatory Employee Handout Service to help you meet this obligation with little cost or effort.

Know the Facts First

If the notion of employee handouts is new to you, here are some quick facts to get you up to speed:

  • Nationwide, there are more than 400 potential federal and state notices, based on specific employee-related events.
  • In addition to the 12 federal notices, each state has its own requirements; in a single state, this could mean up to 32 employee notifications.
  • Depending on the underlying state or federal law, some notices are necessary for all newly hired employees.
  • Other notices are triggered by specific incidents, such as: employee benefits open enrollment, requests for leave, workplace injuries, pregnancy, and termination.
  • As you can see, mandatory employee handouts function similar to labor law postings, with the same challenges for time-strapped employers. They vary from state to state, they change frequently, they must be researched and tracked down through various agencies, and they carry severe penalties and legal risk for failure to comply.

Get the First-of-Its-Kind, Attorney-Developed Service

Fortunately, all of these concerns can be managed! The Mandatory Employee Handout Service is an annual service that provides immediate digital access to all required employee notifications – federal, state and – effective January 1, 2019 – city/county, too.

The notification files may be downloaded and printed unlimited times throughout the year via the member web portal, You’re covered by 365 days of continual legal monitoring by our in-house legal team, as well as automatic updates whenever requirements change. You’ll receive email communications about any updates – and can take advantage of online instructions and filters to identify which handouts to use and when. ​

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