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Texas Anti-Fraud Notice Poster


Inform the Public of Their Rights with the Texas Anti-Fraud Notice Poster

The Texas Anti-Fraud Notice Poster must be displayed by financial institutions. The notice details how it is illegal under Texas law to intentionally or knowingly make a materially false or misleading statement to obtain property or credit, including a mortgage loan. If a person determines – or reasonably suspects – that fraudulent activity has been committed or is about to be committed, the law requires that person to report the information to an authorized government agency.


Texas Recovery Fund Notice Poster


Meet Mandatory Legal Requirements with the Texas Recovery Fund Notice Poster

The Texas Recovery Fund Notice Poster must be displayed by mortgage bankers and residential mortgage loan originators. The notice must be posted at each office location and on company websites. The notice gives consumers contact information for the Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending – as well as instruction on how to file a complaint and how to file a recovery fund claim.


USA Patriot Act Poster


Fulfill Customer Notice Requirements with the USA Patriot Act Poster

To meet customer notification requirements, financial institutions must post the USA Patriot Act Poster in lobbies where it can easily be viewed by the public.

Financial institutions are legally required to display the USA Patriot Act Poster. This notice provides important information for customers who wish to open or change an account with a financial institution. This mandatory posting provides information about the financial institution’s obligations to help fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities – including the obligation to collect identifying information from customers. There is space at the bottom of the poster for each financial institution to insert an individualized policy statement.