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April 3, 2020 Iowa OSHA
The Iowa OSHA poster has been updated to clarify that employees can file a complaint with OSHA within 30 days of retaliation or discrimination by an employer for making safety and health complaints or for exercising their rights under the OSH Act. In addition, an employee has the right to copies of their medical records or records of their exposure to toxic and harmful substances or conditions. This posting appears on the Iowa Combination Poster. Order Updated Poster >
October 27, 2020 Iowa Fair Employment
The Iowa Fair Employment poster has been released by the Iowa Civil Rights Commission.  The poster summaries Iowa’s employment discrimination laws and tells employees how to file a complaint with the Commission. Order Updated Poster >
April 26, 2022 Iowa OSHA
The Iowa OSHA poster has been updated to reflect an address change for employees to contact when notifying the Iowa Division of Labor Services of workplace hazards. Order Updated Poster >
May 18, 2023 Iowa Minimum Wage
The Iowa Minimum Wage poster has been updated to reflect new contact information for the Iowa Division of Labor, including a new street address, email address, phone number and agency website. Order Updated Poster >

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