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Safety Posters For Workplace

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COVID-19 Mask and Face Covering Postings


Remind Employees and Visitors to Wear Masks or Face Coverings

Reinforce CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 (and comply with applicable state and local return-to-work orders) by posting notices that masks or face coverings are required. These postings are bilingual to ensure effective communication with Spanish-speaking employees and visitors and laminated for durability. Their compact size allows for flexible placement throughout your facility.


COVID-19 General Notice Postings


Communicate Vital Workplace Safety Information with COVID Notices

As businesses resume operations after a COVID-19 shutdown, employers may be required to post certain notices under state and local return-to-work orders. Even where not mandatory, these postings can be used to reinforce the safety measures being implemented at your facility. From messages about limited occupancy and restricted areas to temperature screenings and sanitization protocols, you can readily address essential topics with these durable and compact workplace postings. They include Spanish-language translations and are laminated for durability.


COVID-19 Workplace Safety Reminder Postings


Ask Employees and Visitors to Do Their Part with Safety Protocol Reminders

The CDC recommends social distancing and frequent hand washing to help prevent the spread of illness. Whether you’re complying with state and local return-to-work orders — or simply wish to emphasize recommended safety protocols —these COVID-19 workplace postings let employees and visitors know how they can help stop the spread while in your workplace. They are compact for flexible placement throughout your facility, laminated for durability, and include Spanish-language translations.


FAQs About Safety Posters

Q. Promoting a safe, accident-free work environment is important to our business. Are safety posters for the workplace available?

A. Yes, there are posters that address numerous issues, from a drug-free workplace poster to those reinforcing no smoking, no guns and “stop the spread of COVID-19.” You can also obtain additional specialty posters such as the “Notice to Workers with Disabilities Poster”.

Q. Our state has specific no smoking laws. How can we ensure we’re communicating the right information?

A. Our “no smoking” state-specific safety posters for the workplace help you comply with your particular laws and strengthen your own policies. Depending on your business, you may choose to limit employee smoking in outdoor settings, on top of the typical bans in enclosed workspaces. Displaying the right postings will make that clear.