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Emergency Numbers Safety Poster and Pen Set


Give Employees Critical Information with the Emergency Numbers Safety Poster and Pen Set

Safety posters ensure that your preparedness plan includes fast access to critical emergency information. If an emergency strikes, will employees know what to do and who to call? Will they know the location of the nearest first aid kit? Will they know which staff members are trained in CPR and other lifesaving techniques? You’ll be able to answer “yes” to all of these questions simply by placing critical emergency information throughout your place of business with the Emergency Numbers Safety Poster and Pen Set.

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Forklift Safety Poster


Prevent Injuries with the Forklift Safety Poster

The Forklift Safety Poster serves as a daily reminder to employees who operate forklifts or other powered industrial trucks. It gives crucial safety steps that can save lives and prevent damage to materials being transported. This poster covers safe driving, safe loading, safe maintenance and battery changing, operator and personnel safety — as well as general safety operations.


Hand Washing Poster


Stop the Spread of Germs with the Hand Washing Poster

The Hand Washing Poster informs employees of proper techniques to help stop the spread of dangerous infections. This notice is important for all businesses — but it is especially critical for companies in the food-service and healthcare industries where the spread of disease can be devastating. This poster gives your employees tips and information they need for proper hygiene.


Human Trafficking Posters


Uphold Applicable Posting Requirements with Human Trafficking Posters

In certain industries and states, employers must display human trafficking posters. For example, bars, hotels, bus stations, airports and other establishments in select states must display mandatory posters (in certain languages, additionally). Human Trafficking Posters by ComplyRight eliminate any confusion regarding which posters to display.

Check for your state requirements in the drop-down menu below. (Note: Many employers choose to display a human trafficking poster even if it’s not mandatory. In this case, select the “national” option.)

For guidance on language selection with state and national posters, see the Product Options tab.


Learn to Lift Safety Poster


Remind Employees of Workplace Safety Practices

The Learn to Lift Safely Poster offers tips that will help prevent common lifting injuries and enhance workplace safety. Use it to illustrate proper individual lifting techniques, two-person lifting techniques, the proper way to carry heavy objects safely, and more.

This safety poster warns employees of the dangers of improper lifting, and it provides important tips such as “bend your knees and not your back,” “don't twist while lifting,” and most important, “remember your limitations!” It also includes instructions on actions to take if someone is injured while lifting.


Lifesaving Choking Poster


Display the Lifesaving Choking Poster to Help Save a Life

Post critical safety information by displaying the Lifesaving Choking Poster in your workplace. This eye-catching poster provides your employees with immediate access to information that can help a choking victim. Clearly illustrated, it can help save a life in the event of a choking emergency.

English - W0324 • Spanish - W0329. For guidance on language selection, see Product Options tab.


Lifesaving CPR Poster


Prevent Tragic Accidents with the Lifesaving CPR Poster

The Lifesaving CPR Poster illustrates the most current CPR techniques that can shave seconds off a life-sustaining procedure. This notice provides critical information in the event of a medical emergency. Display this poster today and help prevent tragic accidents — and maybe even save lives.

English - W0328 • Spanish - W0330. For guidance on language selection, see Product Options tab.


COVID-19 Fact vs Myth Poster


Set the Record Straight on COVID-19

Help employees separate fact from fiction by addressing the most common myths about the COVID-19 virus. This poster covers eight common misconceptions to help stop the spread of false information.


Stop COVID-19 Transmission Poster


Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19 in Your Workplace

Let employees know exactly what to do if they believe they have been exposed to or infected by the COVID-19 virus. This poster details the specific steps to take as soon as symptoms appear and explains when it’s safe to return to work.


COVID-19 Employee Preparedness Kit


Address COVID-19 Concerns with Clear Communications

Provide factual information and guidance to help employees stay healthy and calm during the COVID-19 outbreak. Kit includes:

• “COVID-19: Set the Record Straight” Poster addressing eight common myths about the virus

• “Stop the Spread of COVID-19” Poster with specific guidance for employees who experience symptoms

• "COVID-19 Illness and Stress Handout" (pack of 25 handouts) with tips for staying safe and reducing stress

Posters are also available separately.


FAQs About Safety Posters

Q. Promoting a safe, accident-free work environment is important to our business. Are safety posters for the workplace available?

A. Yes, there are posters that address numerous issues, from a drug-free workplace poster to those reinforcing no smoking, no guns and “stop the spread of COVID-19.” You can also obtain additional specialty posters such as the “Notice to Workers with Disabilities Poster”.

Q. Our state has specific no smoking laws. How can we ensure we’re communicating the right information?

A. Our “no smoking” state-specific safety posters for the workplace help you comply with your particular laws and strengthen your own policies. Depending on your business, you may choose to limit employee smoking in outdoor settings, on top of the typical bans in enclosed workspaces. Displaying the right postings will make that clear.