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Poster Guard® State-Specific No Weapons Poster Service - 1 Year


Make It Clear You Are A Weapons-Free Establishment

Prevent people from entering your business with weapons by prominently displaying postings stating you are a weapons-free establishment. Each poster is designed to meet your state's specific requirements and delivers an immediate message that weapons of any kind will not be tolerated.

The Poster Guard® State-Specific Poster Service not only eliminates confusion on which posters to display, but it also provides one year of legal research, monitoring and automatic shipping of replacements whenever a mandatory change occurs. Posters are included at no charge with this service.

Note: In many states, if you don’t indicate you prohibit concealed weapons, licensed individuals are entitled to carry concealed firearms anywhere in the workplace.

Delivered in English and Spanish, if necessary, to meet state requirements.

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CPR and Choking Poster Set


Comply with OSHA's requirement for posting critical safety information by hanging the most up-to-date CPR & Choking posters in your workplace. The CPR Poster and Choking Poster include the most recent techniques from the American Heart Association.


No Smoking/E-Smoking Generic


Use the No E-Smoking/Smoking Poster to reinforce your companywide no-smoking policy. Electronic cigarettes and other electronic smoking or vaping devices (e-cigarettes) are continuing to increase in popularity. For many smokers, e-cigarettes have become an important alternative to smoking tobacco.

By clearly communicating to employees and visitors that your company prohibits all smoking, including e-cigarettes in the workplace, you’ll maintain compliance with federal and state laws.

Due to supply chain disruptions you may experience a delay in the shipping of your order. For questions regarding shipping times please call 800-999-9111.


GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster


Display the GHS Hazard Communication Training Poster to protect employees from workplace danger and your company from safety violations. This OSHA-compliant safety training poster explains the symbols and language of the required GHS labeling system.

Posting this crucial information alerts your employees to chemical hazards in the workplace. In a bold, quick-reference format, the poster also highlights all the OSHA pictograms that must be included on labels.


Promoting a safe, accident-free work environment is essential to keep employees away from harm. These workplace safety posters address numerous issues, from keeping a business drug-free to reinforcing firearm and no-smoking laws. Beyond these safety posters, we offer other specialty labor law posters that communicate essential information to employees on topics like Form W-4 withholding guidelines and meeting special minimum wage certificate requirements for workers with disabilities.