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A Look Ahead at Potential Federal Contractor Posting Changes for 2016

Does your company have active government contracts or receive federal funding? If so, you have special employee posting requirements. In addition to the mandatory posters you must display under federal and state law, you’re responsible for up to 12 additional posters at each of your locations. Plus, we’re expecting a few new posting changes to be issued in the coming months.

Something to keep in mind: Federal contractor posters change at a much faster pace than regular federal posters. Three mandatory updates have occurred since 2009 for the standard federal posters that all employers have to display. For federal contractor posters, however, we’ve seen 14 mandatory updates in this same time period. A major reason for this is because the President can issue executive orders to enact laws affecting federal contractors. The process is faster and more decisive than the process for passing laws affecting private employers.

The list below outlines laws and regulations that have passed on the federal contractor level. Although the government has yet to release revised or new posters, we’re expecting movement with these changes this year.

  • Possible EEOC federal poster change and/or federal contractor EEO/VEVRAA poster change – based on March 24, 2014, law expanding veteran protections
  • Possible EEOC federal poster change and/or federal contractor EEO/sexual orientation and gender identity poster change – based on final regulations, effective April 8, 2015
  • Change to three federal contractor posters – based on January 1, 2016, minimum wage increase
  • Possible new federal contractor poster – based on September 7, 2015, paid sick leave executive order

With a service like Poster Guard® Compliance Protection, you can be certain you’re up to date with all required federal, state and federal contractor labor law postings. Backed by an expert legal team, Poster Guard Compliance Protection provides 365 days of hassle-free labor law posting compliance – guaranteed.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to monitor these pending changes throughout 2016 -- and keep you informed of their impact on your business.

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