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To Post or Not to Post - Regulations on Guns & Weapons in the Workplace

A trend getting a lot more attention based on recent events in the regulation of guns and weapons in the workplace, and the corresponding postings or signage businesses need to display to communicate their policies.

Twenty-five states have enacted some type of legislation addressing guns at work. Typically, these laws are designed to protect employees' individual rights to possess firearms, and vary from state to state, making it tough for employers operating in multiple states.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Which states have 'guns-at-work' laws and what these laws mean for employers
  • Gun law/policy notifications & notices - what and when to post
  • How to communicate your gun policy to employees in a way that reassures them of their rights and safety.

About the Speaker

Ashley Kaplan, Esq., Senior Employment Law Attorney

Ashley Kaplan, Esq. has practiced labor and employment law for more than 20 years representing employers in a variety of matters -- from discrimination and harassment litigation to defending FLSA class action lawsuits. In her current role as in-house Senior Employment Law Attorney for ComplyRight, Inc., Ashley handles our legal compliance and also oversees the teams responsible for researching and developing Poster Guard® services and HR compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Ashley is a frequent presenter on employment law topics, and she has trained thousands of employers, HR professionals and supervisors on compliance matters, HR best practices and trends, and lawsuit avoidance.

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